About Us

Flaming Fowl Studios is a brand new indie games studio rising from the ashes of the renowned Lionhead Studios. We have over 50 years of game dev experience and have previously worked on games such as the original Fable trilogy and the Movies..

Our company goal is to bring you experiences that will resonate with fans of Lionhead and Bullfrog, namely deep and interesting strategic experiences with fascinating twists and that always including a healthy dose of humour.

We will also drive development by including our fans and customers in the development process and by working together to create the most engaging games on the market.

Craig Oman

Executive Producer


Craig started his career in the games industry as a lowly tester in Glasgow back in 2006. Armed with only his dour Scottish attitude and a passion to make great games, he made the trip down to England to work on Heavenly Sword at Ninja Theory. From here Craig has continued to infect multiple studios with his ridiculously high standard for coffee and has worked on nearly 20 games (mostly fuelled by aforementioned coffee). During his last 5 years Craig has been working tirelessly at Lionhead to bring Fable to as many people as possible including most recently leading the Fable Anniversary projects. Craig firmly believes in working with the community, for the community and he’s super excited to continue this under Flaming Fowl Studios. (Please remember that Craig is a dour Scotsman so his version of “super excited” actually looks a lot like “not un-happy” but trust us when we say this is the most excited we’ve ever seen him)

Mike West

Creative Director


Mike starting writing his own games on his BBC B in the early 80's and entered the games industry in 1995 after leaving university when he realised he didn't want to do a proper job. Since then he has programmed graphics and sound engines, written AI, but for the last 12 years has primarily worked on the Fable Franchise. Working his way up from a Senior Scripter on the original Fable up to the Creative Director role on Fable Fortune, he's one of the world's experts on everything Fable.

Marcus Lynn

Technical Director


Marcus started writing games as a hobby from the tender age of 11 and has worked through everything from Spectrums, C64s, Amiga, Atari ST, GBAs through to PC and consoles. He has spent 5 years on the Amiga and Atari ST demoscene before realising he needed earn some money and start real work with Godwins , working in the wonderful world of pensions (Note : Pension Dev not really that wonderful !).

In 1995 he decided to try to get into the games industry, and for the last 21 years has worked at Criterion Studios, Small Rockets and Lionhead, holding roles from Programmer, Lead programmer, Team Lead, Project Lead to 10 years as Technical Director at Lionhead and is to date their longest serving Technical Director.